Sustainability is one of the key drivers in today’s packaging industry. Producers are continuously looking to reduce the amount of consumables needed for packing their food products. On the other hand, the consumer demands for optimal convenience and maximum shelf life also need to be addressed. SEALPAC proudly introduces EasyLid®: a unique concept for re-closable trays that provides full lid function in just one sealing process, while using less materials!

The EasyLid® solution combines an injection-moulded PP tray (Naber Plastics) with a unique tray-sealing technology (SEALPAC). The tray has a common sealing edge, as well as an additional ring. A peelable seal is applied to the regular sealing edge, whereas the additional ring is hermetically sealed in the same process. As such, the lid function is activated.

EasyLid® provides a highly reliable lid solution, but requires no additional lid, hence offering advantages in the entire production chain. It brings opportunities to various product segments, such as meat spreads, cream cheeses, salads, delicacies, snacks, sauces, nuts, confectionary and other convenience products. Naturally, the EasyLid® solution runs on all of SEALPAC’s fully automated A-series traysealers.

  • Highly reliable lid solution that requires no additional snap-on lid
  • Very easy to open and close
  • Significant savings in packaging materials and weight
  • Significant savings in transport and storage costs
  • No additional lidding process, so savings on personnel and/or lidding system
  • True packaging innovation at retail with a clear sustainability message
  • Winner of numerous packaging awards