ShrinkStyle is SEALPAC’s fully automated packaging system that combines the benefits of thermoforming and shrink bag technology. ShrinkStyle enables you to pack fresh meat and cheese, but also processed meat and poultry, in a fully automated, secure and attractive manner. Furthermore, it actively enhances the maturation of red meats and cheeses. Increasing productivity is crucial to SEALPAC’s ShrinkStyle concept. Even under the hardest industrial conditions, the system ensures excellent sealing strength and pack security.

This newly developed thermoforming process starts with the forming of the bottom film. The product is then loaded, vacumised and sealed using high-precision vacuum and tooling technology. After cross- and longitudinal cutting, or optional contour cutting, the subsequent shrink process ensures the tightly packed second-skin appearance – robust yet eye-catching.

ShrinkStyle can even be applied to fresh whole chickens. The packing of these products has traditionally always been a challenge to the industry. With ShrinkStyle SEALPAC has now optimized the common shrink packaging process, so that poultry processors are able to benefit from a highly profitable packaging system that extends shelf-life. The whole bird can be sealed hermetically with or without a carrier tray, whilst the extremely strong seal protects the product during the complete production chain and guarantees a perfect presentation up to its arrival in the customer’s refrigerator. And all this with the usual retail optics, including an easy-opening aid.

  • Fully automated high-performance system
  • Even for difficult shapes, such as whole chickens
  • Reduction of material and production costs
  • Optimal maturation of meat and cheese
  • Increased shelf-life and improved colour
  • Contamination-free seals ensure excellent pack security
  • Attractive second-skin presentation
  • Less drip-loss