SEALPAC presents a dual-compartment vacuum packaging system, which creates the optimal conditions for maturing meat products and is presented standing or hanging in the retail shelves. Whether produced from cost-efficient PA/PE flexible film or applied as high-quality TraySkin® solution, TenderPac is perfectly tuned to the maturation process of fresh red meat. A second compartment, separated by a porous seam and covered by a pre-printed film or label, neatly collects the meat’s drip-loss by means of the special ActiveStick. This ensures that the meat is stored dry and appetizingly during its entire shelf-life.

The TenderPac system, which is available on SEALPAC’s complete range of packaging equipment, guarantees an appealing and consumer-friendly presentation of any maturing meat product. It convinces with excellent tender meat quality and aromatic flavour.

  • Hygienic separation of meat and drip-loss
  • Improved colour and optimized maturation process
  • Maximum shelf-life
  • Secure and sturdy packaging
  • Attractive, vertical product presentation
  • Excellent printing and labelling
  • Tender in structure, full of flavour