With its innovative ThermoSkin® packaging solution SEALPAC once again highlights your products, like processed meat, fresh meat, poultry, seafood, game and ready meals, to the maximum. The thermoformed and product-loaded bottom film is hermetically sealed to the special skin film by means of a deep evacuation process. The film fits the contours of the product without folds or creases. Subsequently, a second top film can be sealed to create an additional head space for extras, even under MAP. Various easy opening methods will provide increased user friendliness.

Instead of using a dedicated machine, the sophisticated ThermoSkin® packs are produced on a standard SEALPAC thermoformer with a specific ThermoSkin® tooling. Products with a maximum protrusion of 40 mm above the sealing edge are securely packed by adding specific technical features to the machine configuration.

  • Striking presentation at point of sale
  • Maximized shelf space utilization
  • Extended shelf life due to deep vacuum
  • Reduced drip-loss of meat products
  • Secure product positioning, allowing for vertical presentation
  • Fully automated thermoforming technology
Available on non-dedicated thermoformers