With TraySkin® SEALPAC offers a new attractive packaging solution for your food products. A high-transparent barrier skin film fits the contours of the product like a second skin, hence preventing drip-loss. It preserves the colour, flavour, integrity and especially the tenderness of the product. Marinated products are held in place for an outstanding product presentation, even for products with significant protrusion above the tray edge.

For extras, such as vegetables, seasonings, in-pack promotions or recipe tips, there is the option of double sealing: after skinning the product, the tray is hermetically sealed with our InsideCut sealing. This creates head room, which can be individually used for optional extras.

  • Extended shelf-life
  • Better curing of fresh red meat cuts
  • Marinated products are held in place
  • Prevents drip-loss
  • Efficient stacking during transport and at point of sale (POS)
  • Highly appealing product presentation
  • Trouble-free labelling